Permaculture Design Certificate (Oregon State University, 2013)

  • studies in the observation and analysis of the natural processes of a site, design principles and methods, dynamics of water systems, soils, gardens and trees, climate profiles and community design, and urban permaculture
  • practical experience in the development of a permaculture design portfolio, culminating in a unique site design plan

Tropical Biology Field School (Vancouver Island University, 2004)

  • studies in peoples and cultures of Central America and the Caribbeans, and the Tropical Biology of Belize
  • practical experience in terrestrial and aquatic tropical biology field techniques

Ph.D. in Chemical and Biological Oceanography (UBC, 1994)

  • studies in marine chemistry, marine pollution, estuaries, ocean physics, ecosystem modeling, and phytoplankton physiology and ecology
  • practical experience in performing cores, dredges, water samples, CTD casts, plankton hauls, organism collection by diving, and shoreline surveys

Thesis: Chemistry and Physiology of Feeding Deterrent Production by the Marine Diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum

Research Supervisors: Dr. R.J. Andersen and Dr. P.J. Harrison

Wilderness Leadership - Canoeing I (Capilano College, 1994)

  • leadership skills in lake water canoeing, including canoe history in Canada, equipment, canoe safety and leadership, tandem and solo rescues, and canoe-tripping standards and practice

B.Sc. in Honors Chemistry/Biochemistry (UBC, 1988)

  • studies in bio-inorganic, organic, and analytical chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, and animal physiology
  • training in chemistry and biochemistry lab techniques

Thesis: The Use of the Chromatotrom in Separation and Identification of Arsenic Compounds in Clams

Research Supervisor: Dr. W.R. Cullen